Brooklyn College Aids Students Who Can’t Afford Food

new york college free food pantryBrooklyn College has created a new way to address a growing problem: college students who are so broke after paying tuition and other education costs that they actually can’t afford to eat.

A new free food pantry offers shelves full of canned and dried goods to low-income students. Currently, it’s being used by 48 students at the school – many of whom need the help even though they are holding down full-time jobs while they study. (Brooklyn College is part of the CUNY system. Nine of it’s schools are operating these types pf pantries).

No Other Options
For some students, the pantry is a lifeline, given that their own parents are struggling too much to help them financially. A 2016 report by the Wisconsin Hope Lab found that 30% of the students in the state’s colleges and universities said they had been hungry but could not come up with enough money to pay for food. In addition to Brooklyn College, about 300 schools across the country are now operating such pantries.

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