Compare colleges & universities across New York State

I graduated from a college in upstate New York many years ago and quickly found that it can be a good career-starter in a state that happens to have one of the biggest employment centers in the world: New York City.

Manhattan and its huge metropolitan area draws lots of job seekers in the finance, media and real estate industries. Upstate (where it’s a whole lot cheaper to live) has several medium-sized cities and hundreds of suburbs and rural towns, all of which offer college degree holders good job opportunities in hospitals, schools, law firms, government and law enforcement agencies, technology development firms and all kinds of other businesses.

There’s almost no type of bachelor’s or associate’s degree you can’t obtain from a New York State college or university. Some key facts about New York colleges and universities:

  • Tuition rates run a huge spectrum, from private schools costing well over $50,000 per year to state (SUNY) and community colleges that charge just a few thousand dollars a year in tuition.
  • Career oriented schools for adult learners like DeVry and technical schools like ITT have multiple campuses around the state, in addition to the online programs they offer.
  • Columbia, Cornell and New York University are the best known high-end private schools in New York, but the state has lots of other great private schools that are less known but high in quality including Union College, Hamilton and others.
  • The State University of New York or SUNY public school system operates 30 community colleges around the state. Read up on the top 10 rated public colleges and universities in New York State (SUNY & CUNY schools).

Higher Education Resources in New York State